Ben Powis Illustration
Where Grows The Bitter Herb

Where Grows the Bitter Herb
Venture to strange new lands!

All is not well in the village, a mother lies sick and dying. The only thing that can save her is a magical herb that grows atop the tallest mountain, but who will be brave enough to quest for it?

36 A5 Pages of full colour, saddle stitched, with limited edition badge!

Published in May 2008.

Turtle Guitar
An ancient long lost fable retold!

Our hero is but a simple farmer, with a love for music, his world lies in turmoil, but does he have what it takes to turn it all around?

8 A4 Pages of full colour, saddle stitched, full of adventure!

Published in January 2008.

Turtle Guitar
Whale Hunt

Whale Hunt
An adventure on the High Seas!

A comic, poetic tale of adventure set on the High Seas, follow the whaler ship ‘The Madeline’ in search of fortune and glory!

20 black & white pages, paperback.

Limited Edition Dust Jacket. (Sold Out)

Published in May 2007.

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